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Houdini of the Deep

Artist: Ginney Deavoll


Houdini Of the Deep  
Limited Edition Print  
Size 60cm x 63cm

All the kayaks were packed up after a long day and we driving the tractor home when we got the call, ‘Orca at the beach!’ The tractor was spun around and in top gear we flew back to the beach, (parked below the high tide mark which we’d realise later on) pulled kayaks off the trailer and began paddling south like we were being chased. In Big Bay we spotted the orca feeding near the blow-hole. At one point a whole lot of Octopus tentacles floated up around our kayaks. Until then I had no idea we had so many octopus in New Zealand. Since then I’ve heard lots of local octopus stories from divers and fishermen, mostly about their tenacious nature when it comes to hiding or escaping.


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