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Tidal Flow

Artist: Ginney Deavoll


Tidal Flow  
Limited Edition Print  
Size 87cm x 35cm

Some of my earliest memories are of the beach in Christchurch. We practically lived there.
One memory that will always stand out is from when I was about seven and we were at Taylor’s Mistake for a day of waves and sand. Dad was surfing and he was right out the back in the big waves. Troy and I had our little foam boogie boards. I was so proud of mine, it was yellow and pink stripes. I was determined to get out the back to where Dad was so I started kicking, swimming and ducking under waves where I had to. I was almost there when a monster of a wave stood up before me. Dad had always said to us if we were scared or didn’t want to dive under a wave we could just turn around and catch it. So I did.
It picked me up and for a moment I was perched high up on top of the lip wondering if it was going to take me with it or leave me behind. I could see the lip curling over to my left. As it curled beneath me I was suspended in mid-air. Then I came crashing down. I landed on my board in front of the wave and was shot out in front by the force of the whitewash. The breath was knocked out of me but I rode it in all the way up onto the sand, so far, the best wave of my life!

The form and colour of waves has always fascinated me and you’ll see in my collections of work they often make an appearance. However it is since I have decided to learn to surf that they feature quite consistently. I love being close enough to see into the waves as they break, to see the light shine through the thin wall of water just before it topples over, the evening light reflecting off the water as the sun sinks below the dunes, the rush of sand and rocks beneath me as I glide (not so gracefully, or stylishly - yet) over the surface.
This is the beginning of a collection of work inspired by my time at the beach, in the water and with those people that surround the surfing culture.

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