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Artist: Ginney Deavoll


Original Exhibition collection 2017- Feathered
Media: Acrylic On Canvas
Size: 77 x 45cm
Frame: Gallery Wrap

Exhibition enquiries to :
Curator:  Christine Rabarts
email [email protected]
027 629 7408 + gallery 07 8664927

Feathered Collection 
"Usually my exhibitions are all about a journey or a story however this time the work itself is the journey. Over the years I have swung from realism to design inspired pieces attempting to make nature conform into my neat patterns. Then for a time I'd swing back to realism, attempting to capture a moment of action or the tranquillity of a beautiful place.
Over the past year these two extremes have come together. I've been drawn to circles and flowing shapes that weave together or fit perfectly against one another like a puzzle piece. I've realised that the styles combined are representative of how I perceive the natural world. I want to share the moods, uniqueness and detail of special places but I also am intrigued and awed by the intricate cycles of Mother Nature. Each cycle is regenerating and part of something much larger creating balance and wonder. Follow the clouds to the distant peaks where they dissolve into millions of individual flakes, watch the snow melt and run as a torrent through the valleys, over towering falls, all the way to the ebb and flow of the tide. The circle that has no end, for the end is but a new beginning.
At first my subject matter was Great Barrier Island and the wildlife I encountered there while circumnavigating it by sea kayak however it quickly transformed into being all about the birds. From an artistic perspective the layering, colours and texture of feathers has always appealed to me. As I began this series the government announced their very ambitious goal to rid all offshore islands of introduced pests by 2025 and mainland New Zealand by 2050 in the hope that our native bird and bug species will have a better chance of survival and returning our land to its natural balance. I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate some of our unique birds and their habitats. My aim has been to use patterns and graceful design to show each bird's place in its environment, its entitlement to that habitat and its part in the bigger cycle." Ginney Deavoll - Feb 2017


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