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Artist: Ginney Deavoll


Original Exhibition Collection 2018 - Just Wondering
Media : Acrylic On Canvas
Size : 370 x 370mm
Frame : Gallery Wrap

Exhibition enquiries to :
Cutator:  Christine Rabarts
email [email protected]
027 629 7408 + gallery 07 8664927

Just Wondering 
"Over the last year and a bit I’ve had the pleasure of observing my son wonder at the world. With each new day, he would notice something I take for granted and find it so amazing that it would capture his entire concentration. He’d marvel at this new object from every angle, taste it, squeeze it and tell me all about it. He’s taught me to find joy in the mundane; to find happiness in the tiniest of details.
A spilt glass of water is not a mess, it’s an invitation to splash, play, and pour. Cleaning up isn’t a chore, it’s another adventure. More often than not, the bigger the mess, the greater the pure delight. A rainy day is not a downer. It’s not a reason to hide inside and wait for a better day. It’s a chance to play in the puddles, pop open giant umbrellas, and catch raindrops on your tongue.
Watching him has made me wonder at what the world must look like from his perspective. Everything is new and waiting to be discovered and explored. Imagine waking up from a nap and being put down on the sand at the beach; the feel of the grains slipping through your toes, the sun beating down, the slime on the seaweed, Duke barking. Or crawling through the garden, being floated through the rapids of a stream or flying along in a bike seat. The senses are constantly bombarded with new information for the brain to make sense of and learn from.
These pieces are my observations of his wonderings; they’re busy, bold and overwhelming. They’re the world through his eyes as he observes, investigates and sorts through all these new experiences."  
Ginney Deavoll - Dec 2018


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