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Harmonic Junctions

Artist: Michael Smither

Artist Michael D Smither
Media: Oil on Canvas
Description: 3 Panels in Triptych
Size 130 x 1700mm per panel

Michael Smither explores the relationship between sounds and colour in Harmonic Junctions.

This painting is a continued intensive study of this relationship with music and colour over the past five decades.

coming through the lineage from Smither’s Polyphonic Harmonies series, for example The Harmonic Chart (1984) – an abstract image which shows how the artist has mapped the twelve notes of the Western musical octave onto the colours of the spectrum.

This is a new work that continue Smither’s investigations into the ways in which we perceive sound and colour. 

Michael Smither uses the notes associated with the western musical octave and has used this in his painting Harmonic Junction.

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