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Stony River

Artist: Michael Smither

Artist Michael D Smither
Original 2012
Media: Oil on Board
Price: email Christine Rabarts on 
Size 1230 mm x 1700


Please email Christine Rabarts
mobile 027 629 7408
Gallery  07 8664927

Michael Duncan Smither CNZM

For artist Michael Smither, there has always been a willingness to revisit his earlier works, and in a range of works his local gallerist, Bread and Butter Gallery in Whitianga, are marketing on his behalf, one of the paintings, Stony River, is the third rendition of a work that he first painted in the 1970s.

He explains how the process evolved, “The first painting was made from a memory of a stream in Taranaki so clear I could see through the surface and reflections, to the bottom, and painted in my Gables studio in New Plymouth. Much later, during the search for images for the Ron Sang publication Michael Smither Painter I discovered that early first attempt of Stony River and was moved by how strongly the idea still resonated. I decided it deserved another go. I worked developing a large and more ambitious version for 6 years until I reluctantly realised it needed to be bigger still. Version number 3. This whole process inclined me to investigate the reasons for this obsession.”

Smither has always wondered why people love his rock paintings, and feels in part it is because they are nothing like real rocks at all, ignoring textural aspects, which are replaced by smooth nubile surfaces which at one stage had the art market referring to these paintings as the ‘Smither Smooth Style’.
“I discovered that to represent the boulders and stones of Taranaki it was essential to show the absolute nature of their perceived edges, that then contact one rock to another  with a sense of the pressure of a collision at those points of contact; that then through the integrity of each rock achieve a sense of balance, a concept of much philosophical appeal,”.

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