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Geisha 2.7

Artist: Brad Novak


Title - ' Geisha 2.7 '
Size - 46 x 60cm
Medium - Hand paper collage and stencil spray paint on floating shield-shaped white polymer board.


Artist Brad Novak (aka New Blood Pop) is known for drawing on his life passions and experiences in the work that he creates. None more so than his latest Geisha release – a mini-series of original mixed media works that reflect his ongoing commentary on the ‘way of the world’ in 2016.

Two trips to Japan come to the fore with the primary subjects being the beautiful but controversial Geisha figures. Walking around the ancient back streets of Kyoto he caught a fleeting glimpse of these almost ethereal-like people.

Contrast this to his time spent in the modern suburb of Akihabara (‘Electric Town’) where giant robots, computer games, neon and pop culture/anime toys dominate the traveler’s senses.

The artist asks - "How do Geisha get on in the ever increasing electronic age?

Do they struggle with the juxtaposition like many of us in the western world, trying to lead a simpler life when society seems to want everything sped up?"

These works explore this in multiple layers of imagery.

" Geisha - What are their hopes and dreams for the future?"

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