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Terms & Conditions

Quality Assurance

All products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and selected from proffessional artists.  
Choose your art carefully as no refunds or returns are accepted.

*Please note - The artworks sold by Bread & Butter Gallery are handmade. Materials can therefore vary in colour, shape and size. These inconsistencies are not deemed faults and claims will only be considered if there are defects in workmanship or defective materials. Claims due to damage by negligence, accident or unreasonable use will not be recognised.

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of all descriptions, images and other information displayed but the customer must acknowledge there may be variations in product or materials. If there are any major changes to the product you have ordered, we will discuss other options with you.

All work listed on the website is subject to New Zealand and international copyright and intellectual property rights laws. This means the work listed remains the property of Bread & Butter Gallery or the artists until payment has been made.
It also means it is illegal to download images for anything other than personal use.

Questions and comments about any of our products or services please contact Bread & Butter Gallery: [email protected]