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Ben Timmins


Ben Timmins

Artist profile


Ben’s unique and innovative approach to art practice accompanied by his employment of unusual materials and process has lead to many awards and recognition. In particular Ben’s deliberate use of wood grain as a substrate has unlocked and challenged the spatial dimension of space and reality within painting itself.
The near three dimensional quality of the palpable wood panel, the grown fractal pattern of nature itself are seamlessly integrated into compositions with photo realist oil painting. Nature is his subject matter, whether it be a landscape or large bird study, the symbiosis of wood grain, realist painting and subject is very peculiar, there is a strong resonance between the subject ‘nature’ and the wood, which is also ‘nature’ in solid terms.

To state the obvious, Ben is questioning, joking and altering our perception of what we perceive as ‘real’ on a subtle level. The solid wood panel and pattern of the grain constantly cross over to be interpreted as sky, water or sand, to be the illusion, whilst the realist painting, being the actual illusion, is so convincingly real it crosses to the other side posing as the ‘real’. Yet this paradox is somehow soothing and invigorating, perhaps due to the minimal, peaceful contemplative nature scenes presented and the subtle approach he has taken.