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What Matters Most (2018) - Celebrating my relationship with seven remarkable women, this constellation of new portraits shines a light onto core themes in our lives:  the importance of sincerity and honesty, unconditional love, the power of laughter and the vital force of women supporting one another – actively listening, sharing innermost thoughts, finding the courage to expose their vulnerabilities, helping one another to stretch and grow in the face of pain and personal challenge – and often over a lovely cuppa!
Since childhood, I have been inspired by many women and learned to listen to my inner voice (and trust it!); to move forward fearlessly; to share my knowledge and to nurture, encourage and support others in a “bigger picture” way.  Each of these roles I have taken on board with natural maternal ease, regardless of my choice not to have children – as well as addressing the biggest challenge of all for women: how to fulfil our deep, instinctive need to share and nurture, balancing the caring roles with the pressures of time, money, career, family, home and social life … while also caring for, loving and nurturing self.

Each of these seven beautiful women have had a marked impact on my life and added greatly to its richness: I have been inspired and influenced by them all! Whether I’ve found encouragement and connection within their personal journey; been inspired by their lust for life and inner energy; been given practical advice; shared moments of great sadness, great happiness and of great personal growth; found shared joy; revelled in similar humour… with each of these women I have found a connection of love and compassion and enthusiasm, and a non-judgmental space where I can be completely honest, completely “me”.
This legacy of these amazing ‘Sisters’ will continue to thrive for generations, through their own children, families and friends – and it will also be carried on a new thread and in new directions through me, this body of work, and all who are inspired to reach into the deeper context of it.
Just as the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades have guided sailors and advised farmers for thousands of years, the wisdom passed through generations of women has been pivotal in shaping communities and providing guidance towards a more inclusive and nurturing society. Globally, this role seems more important than ever.

Charlotte Giblin 2018