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collection - AS THE PATH UNFOLDS

All of my paintings are autobiographical.

I fully realised this while producing an extended series of illustrative local landscape paintings, all of which featured me as a small figure. My Mum kept making astute observations about the way I must be feeling – as I settled into my new home in Whitianga – based upon the style, pose and position of the figure in my paintings as well as the nature of the landscape around me and the chosen palette. I suppose it was naïve of me to think that such “diary entry” artworks wouldn’t give away the subtle details of my emotional state, but this was my first return to prolific painting after a period of 20 years or so, and I hadn’t expected such heart-on-sleeve results!

As the Path Unfolds (2017) is a collection which evolved from an intensive 2 years of creative development in Whitianga.
I closed my series of illustrative landscape paintings in 2015 and set out on a new artistic journey: stretching myself technically, pushing my buttons, pushing my boundaries and “seeing where it would go”. It was a journey peppered with triumphs - as each diverse group of developmental paintings taught me something new and helped me to see that I was covering fresh creative ground which I’d never imagined possible - and a fair bit of self-doubt as well: my artwork sales ground to a halt… and I had to push on with the belief that I could find a way “through the forest” to satisfy my creative voice and my artistic drive, while at the same time balancing my financial needs.
This series of new work is a significant and personal collection, capturing the dramatic transformation of my artistic style and illustrating the huge leaps and bounds I’ve made emotionally and spiritually – since casting myself adrift from the familiar security of my former commercial artwork.
I am proud of myself for taking those risks, I love the results and I know there is no turning back!
Each painting here captures a moment of this amazing development. In some of the paintings I feel I am the tree - standing firm and determined, or celebrating, or filled with a deep sense of joy  – and in some of the paintings I am on the path, wondering where it’s going…. and I am most definitely going to keep walking and see what I find around the corner!

Charlotte Giblin

A New Dawn

A New Dawn


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