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T B Lautrec-Nunes

Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes

I am captivated by the dramatic and violent creation of Aotearoa. The ongoing pushing and grinding of the tectonic plates, the rising alps, the slowly drifting islands and their volatile volcanoes. I began painting frantically and intuitively using vibrant intense colour. 
The erratic and haphazard nature of working loosely with palette knife leads to unintentional, spasmodic explosions of colour and marks on the canvas in keeping with the powerful, uncontrollable nature of the image I'm portraying.

The result is my 2015 Fire Island series of oil paintings.
With these new works I seek to capture the powerful and violent essence of the land.
It's my intention to continue this series for the foreseeable future, adding and encapsulating a wider array of geological features including forests, glaciers, beaches, rivers and islands.

Although I was born in New Zealand, I come from a family of English emigrants, and had previously felt separate from what is termed native New Zealand; unsure of what it was to be a Kiwi.