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Recent works

Brad Novak (aka New Blood Pop) has been busy these last few months creating an exciting new body of work for Bread and Butter Gallery and the Design Show in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. Novak describes himself as an urban-pop artist, which stems from not only his love of popular culture but also his fascination with the Street Art movement. In this new collection, both these influences come together in his most 'concrete' statement to date with pop culture heroes (such as Carrie Fisher/Harrison Ford) and other famous icons (e.g. Sir Edmund Hillary) displayed on a background of bricks. Areas of these walls have then been ‘buffed’ out (painted over) and phrases placed on top. 
In the artist's own words:
"There’s so much advice being given to us on a daily basis - the quick-fix self-help stuff out there on social media constantly tells us what we should and shouldn't be doing. I’ve come up with some of my favourite 'catch phrases' and juxtaposed them against different subjects. That’s why Queen Elizabeth is saying “Put Out Rubbish”… I like the idea that the Queen might be saying this to Prince Philip (or hinting that we need to declutter our lives). The Mona Lisa is telling us to “Never Grow Up” which seems fitting - she's perpetually young and is telling us to keep our inner child alive – and that's the main reason I love to create."