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Souzie Speerstra

Souzie Speerstra - painter of contemporary work which are a mixture of abstract realism styles using unique visual impact and balanced line/ colour techniques. Works are co-ordinated into a clever balance of shape, colour, composition and perspective elements that is a hall-mark of her distinctive style. These works convey her firm individuality. 

My first exhibition in 8 years... Scary.
My first canvas seemed huge... It was.
Then I started working....
This exhibition is a reflective look back into the past. There are no specific dates, no actual motif ... More a memory or a feeling of the place... About the emotional rather than the reality.Some resemble more of a patchwork of memories or multilayered views within a canvas.
In this exhibition I have delved back into my geometric style. ... Stripped it bare to a simpler version but with a richer patina and texture...
Colour on... Colour off...
Ragging, glazing, dry brush scumble... Fingers and soul.... Layers and layers of soul.

If you wish to covey an interest in this artists work and be contacted when the next original paintings or prints may be coming available please email and express your interest for updates and information.