Michael Smither

michael smithermichael smitherMichael Smither, master painter of contemporary works.
An artist well before his time, one of the master artists leading the way as one of New Zealands top contemporary fore runners, always paving the way with new ideas.
Smither has, over the last 40 or so years worked in a variety of media - notably oils, acrylics, and screenprints - and on a variety of subjects. Even now, in his mid seventies Michael is producing work of distintion and continues to change the face of New Zealand art.
Domestic life is a major theme of many of his works, these scenes depicted with a rigorous yet idiosyncratic realism. A similar style is brought to his landscapes, many of which depict the Taranaki landscape around which he grew up. At least two of his paintings, The Family in the Van and Rocks with Mountain have attained the status of iconic paintings in New Zealand. His first solo exhibition was in 1961. Smither was the recipient of the 1970 Frances Hodgkins Fellowship from the University of Otago.
This master among masters, Michael D Smither continues to be recognised as one of our most influential and highly regarded NZ artists. Here you will find a collection of Smithers works, all screen prints have been created by Smither, the paint is personally handmixed by the artist,  to achieve the exact colour. Every edition, if there is a second or third edition you will find an 'improvement' by the artist, a change of colours, a new highlight, and improvement of the design.
All screen prints here at Bread and Butter Gallery are original Limited Edition screenprints, prints and are all signed by Michael D Smither.