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Rick Swain

rick swain

Born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1949, Rick Swain is a leading sculptor who draws his inspiration for his work from New Zealand’s natural beauty and his life experiences.

His materials are demolition New Zealand kauri and bronze, from which he creates striking pieces. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, Rick turned to sculpting in the 1970’s.

Swain discusses his approach to the creation of his art:

The process of creating allows me to escape some of the madness and aggression in our world. Should the finished work portray the calm, balance & simplicity I seek, I am content. From the realism and structure of engineering, through the visual practices of photography and painting, to the freedom of abstract sculpture. It is through this medium I seek to portray a sense of balance, flow and tranquillity. My inspirations come from our natural surroundings. The effect of wind on water, clouds or trees. Of water on stone or sand, and human forms and emotions, also from my materials.

Rick Swain’s current works are increasingly simple in form. He utilizes variations in the density of natural colour and surface texture, provided by tool marks, to create visual and textural boundaries.