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Nick Fedaeff, was born in Russia in 1965. Often described as a soft- surrealist  Nick acknowledges the influence of Da Vinci, Dali, Bosh and Picasso. His Inspiration comes from many sources – dreams, observing life, other painters or the esoteric creative seed randomly appearing at will. All these rich sources of influence provide Nick Fedaeff with elements that he valiantly translates to canvas.

Nick Fedaeff exhibits mainly overseas and is well recognised internationally and has exhibited in Australia, Taiwan and USA this year. He resides in Matarangi NZ at his beach house property whilst in NZ, often working on this next exhibition.

This is a unique opportunity to see Nick Fedaeff’s art in New Zealand at Bread & Butter Gallery, which represents him as a permanent artist.

 His new collection is a combination showcasing:

  • Glamour and simplicity,
  • Exclusivity and kitsch,
  • Temptation and humour.