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Jennie De Groot

Jennie De Groot's paintings are of places where reality, imagination and memory all have equal tenancy.
Whilst Jennie is particularly moved and influenced by the landscape, she seeks to create a personal interpretation of it rather than a replication.
Painting on location(en plain air) Jennie's relationship with nature is strenthened gaining deeper insights. These field studies are an emotional responce to the landscape.

From these studies, Jennie develops larger studio works, which go beyond the spontaneity of the plen air pieces and allow her to elaborate deeper connections and capture the spirit of the landscape.

Journey is a reoccuring theme in Jennie's painting process and finished works. Jennie says "Whether to connect or disconnect, the journey to that destination is all that really matters, not the destination itself".

Jennie is interested in the abstract within the image and focuses on being inventive with her application of paint and experimenting with materials, explaining 
"The painting process has to be fresh and interesting for my own sanity. I use both oils and let paint drip, build up layers, scrape back, flick it around and use my tools to create marks that remain in the finished"